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Geographical location

Javerlhac is situated in Perigord Vert (Dordogne department, 24300)

in the heart of the parc Perigord-Limousin

36 km from Angoulême (16, Charente), city

12 km from Nontron (24 Dordogne), small town

55 km from Périgueux (24), city

A short history

Javerlhac, the name comes from a latin name but from a celtic origin (jabreille – county of goats)

It is attested in 1st century B.C. by the inventory of the funeral remains in the cave “les Ormes” (between 60 and 45 B.C.)

When the train station was built, they found the ring of a roman knight and also gallo-roman and merovingian graves.

The parishes La Chapelle Saint Robert and Javerlhac formed one commune in 1823.

Local history is recounted by the notebooks “Cahiers de la Chapelle St Robert”. Please contact the webmaster for information.

On the territory of the commune are four national heritage sites “monuments historiques”

The castle and church in the village of Javerlhac,

Forgeneuve, a small hamlet with two bridges on the road to la-Chapelle-St-Robert and a former royal forge dating back to 17th - 18th century.

In the village la-Chapelle-Saint-Robert a roman church (11th century). It recently has been renovated.

Two other features of equal importance:

one called Pierre Virade, the other la fontaine des amours (the fountain of love).

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by Kheops 11/02/2012 • 08:52

C'est une tres bonne idee delancer ce site

Donnez nous beaucoup de nouvelles et d'informations sur Javerlhac et la Chapelle.

Merci d'avance. 

Good to know

There is a bus from Angoulême to Nontron via Javerlhac (ligne 20).

Since september 2012 it costs only 1 Euro to go to Angoulême. The bus stop on the place 8 Mai 1945. Now it is cheap and easy to town for an afternoon.

Les horaires sur le site du Conseil général de la Charente (ICI)


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