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The Javerlhac tourist board was created in 1969 by local residents so it has been active for decades.

It is responsible for sign-posting, clearing cleaning walking/hiking trails plus publishing booklets.

The first website was introduced in 204. It was hosted by multimania. The link disappeared in 2012.

2011 a new team took over the callange.

2014 the competence of tourism was transferred to a new community of municipalities. The president did not want the unions of initiatives to keep their historicalnames that is why the association has relegated the tem 'syndicat d'initiative' in second place of the name, which, therefore has continuity since 1969. Since the summer 2014 the official name is 'Javerlhac Discovery'.

The supply of tourist brochures is now officially dependant on the intercommunal tourist office.

Volunteers often look for leaflets to display in the tourist office.


Javerlhac-Découverte/syndicat d'initiative

route d'Angoulême

24300 Javerlhac

SIRET: 812 924 397 00019 

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Good to know

There is a bus from Angoulême to Nontron via Javerlhac (ligne 20).

Since september 2012 it costs only 1 Euro to go to Angoulême. The bus stop on the place 8 Mai 1945. Now it is cheap and easy to town for an afternoon.

Les horaires sur le site du Conseil général de la Charente (ICI)


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