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to the web-site of the association for tourism in Javerlhac and Chapelle Saint Robert

in the beautiful green Perigord.

The commune is part of the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin. On its territory are four monuments historiques: the castle and church in the village Javerlhac, a fomer royal forge with two bridges at the hamlet Forgeneuve, and in the village of Chapelle Saint Robert a roman church recently renovated.

We have several footpaths (hiking paths) - the oldest and best known is the one called  "de la Pierre Virade".

The village of Javerlhac has many “amenities”

  • Town hall (open monday to friday, saturday closed)
  • Post office (open from tuesday to friday 9-12 and 2-4 pm, saturday 9-12, closed on monday)
  • Hotspot wifi (in front of the town hall)
  • Central Bar – bistro/menu
  • Hotel/restaurant/bar
  • 3 Bakers (on tuesdays and fridays pizza to order)
  • Butcher shop (picnic food)
  • Chemist
  • 2 Doctors full time in the village
  • 3 Hairdressing salons
  • Grocery store open daily
  • 2 Garages, 1 fuel+mechanics, 1 mechanics
  • Other services available
  • Fish store (mobile) tuesday morning only
  • Burger bar (mobile) sunday evening only

Tourist information is open from Tuesday to Saturday 9 am to 12 am  31 square du 11 novembre, 24300 Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle-Saint-Robert

Tel. 05 53 56 12 65

This website are staffed by volunteers. Therefore news and updates are completed when time allows.

* The castle of Javerlhac, 16th century,

* Forgeneuve, lmill, former blast furnace which produced canons (17th-18th century),

* The church Saint Etienne in the village Javerlhac (12th, 18th century) with a twisted spire.

* The church Saint Robert in the village Chapelle St-Robert, (12th century).

Hotspot Wifi

in front of the 'mairie'


The castle

The castle chateau de Javerlhac is a renaissance construction.

The edifice is recognized by the french ministry. It is family owned so therefore unavailable to visit.

The first mention of the chateau of Javerlhac dates back to 1225.

It was burnt down by Edmond of Langley earl of Cambridge - 1st duke of Uork, fourth son of king Edward III of England (5th June 1341-1st August 1402). In the year 1362 aged 21 years he was created earl of Cambridge. This period was of the Hundred Years' War.

The first lord of chateau was known as Renout (1225). Then his son Bernard Ramnulphi (1248) and Aymeric Vigier.

Of the first buildint remain certain foundations of walls and frustrated openings.

In 1499 Dauphin Pastoureau received for the viscomte of Limoges the taxes and rentes of the chatellerie of Nontron. He buys the lordship of Javerlhac and restores chateau, church, mill and dovecote (la fuye).

In 1507 Barthelemy Texier and his wife Jeanne Pastoureau own the castle. The branch of Texier, marquis of Javerlhac disappeared in 1821. A farmer then bought the property. Later Fompuy-Boulouneix, Mousnier-Lomprie and now the family Pelpel-Rochette.

Le chateau

Two other lords would hve been proprietors of th chateau. However the dates still need to be verified:

Louis of Rochechouart – in fact many Louis are known, 3 in the 14th century and one other lived from 1550 to 1590.

Jehan of Maulmont (16th century) was also the prorietor of chateau of Viellecour (commune of Saint-Pierre-de-Frugie) – been given that Dauphin Pastoureau bought the castle in 1499, it was probably one of his ancestors.

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